APTA Louisiana Awards & Honors

2020 Award Recipients

Dave Warner Distinguished Service Award – Claire M. Kantrow, PT, DPT

"Claire is a native of Lafayette, LA and graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences from LSU in Baton Rouge. She obtained her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2009 from LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport. She is a manual physical therapist specializing in the treatment of patients with neuro‐musculoskeletal pain syndromes. Her primary areas of interest are pain pathology, headache and TMJ management, and treatment of complex orthopedic conditions.

Claire served as LPTA’s Continuing Education Chair from 2018 to 2020, and has added innovative ideas to the format of the LPTA educational sessions. She pioneered the Pain Management Symposium, turned our Spring 2020 meeting into a virtual meeting, and orchestrated the Fall 2020 meeting, centered around “Physical Therapy in a COVID-19 World” and “Low Back Pain: Clarifying the Complexity.” Claire has also served as the District Chair for both New Orleans and Baton Rouge in past years. Thank you to Claire for your professional contribution to the LPTA and for the lasting impact you have made on your peers, community, and profession."  
Nomination submitted by Joseph Shine, PT, DPT

Hall of Fame Award – Freddie Ann Chandler, PT

"Freddie Ann graduated from the LSU Medical Center, New Orleans Physical Therapy program in 1974 and has been practicing in Louisiana for 46 YEARS. Over those years, individuals who have worked with her regularly share their love of hearing the stories that surround her career and her dedication to understanding and serving populations that few were serving at the time. She took on the management of these populations and was a true trailblazer for the profession of Physical Therapy.

Early in her career, Freddie Ann was groundbreaking in creating programs in the state school system to help manage and improve the lives and treatment protocols for the residents with severe developmental disabilities such as severe and profound mental retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and genetic disorders. This was during a time when these individuals were simply institutionalized. Her desire, during those early days was to reach the child locked in the “brain box”, especially the ones who engaged in self injurious and aggressive behavior. To do so, she organized and worked with multidisciplinary team members from the speech, OT, psychology, and recreational therapy professions to create innovative programs and techniques, providing skilled intervention to improve the state school resident’s function and most importantly, their quality of life.

Over the years, Freddie Ann has had the opportunity to train countless individuals, so the amazing work and programming now extends well beyond the work of her hands. She has received multiple awards for her efforts in creating systems to aid individuals with developmental disabilities, but the real reward is the lives that have been changed and that that work still carries on to this day.

Her early work and success with this population was a big catalyst that set the stage for meeting the challenge of helping other types of complex patients. Still early in her career, she turned her attention to another population that was in need of resources, programming and innovative treatment. She began working in the school system to create programs that focused on training teachers and therapists to help manage behaviors and improve quality of life for children with learning difficulties as well as continuing her work with children on the autism spectrum. In conjunction with Margo Henninger White, OT, author of several books including S’cool Moves, she was able to establish research studies that showed the amazing value and impact of teacher training regarding the importance of understanding what was driving disruptive behavior and lack of focus in the classroom and simple interventions that improved both. She went on to establish the first multidisciplinary Autism team in Calcasieu Parish whose purpose was teacher training and problem-solving support for these children. Freddie Ann continues as a consultant for the current “A Team” and provides teacher training to manage behaviors and positively impact the child’s ability to interact with the classroom and world.

Freddie Ann is a local hero for helping the children, adults, and teachers in her community but also has taken her expertise internationally. She was brought as the autism Physical Therapy expert to both Russia and Rwanda to help train the individuals managing these children in their institutions.

Freddie Ann’s distinguished career also moved her to the outpatient setting where she continued to focus on helping children and adults with compromised central nervous systems. However, she also introduced orthopedic physical therapy into her practice when she opened Partners in Physical Therapy in 2000. She often talks of the gift of adding the management of orthopedics into her treatment world because she learned to merge the neurological and orthopedic worlds together to create innovative techniques to meet the challenge of complex adult orthopedic patients that were struggling and difficult to treat. This combination of neuro/ortho is the foundation of her “2nd career”. Her motto of helping those that need help kicked in and she has been able to create groundbreaking treatment protocols and techniques that truly help some of the most compromised patients.

To this day, she continues to constantly ask other providers to send her the patients “that no one wants” or “the ones that seem too hard to treat”. She has made it her life’s work to be the light for these people that had no hope and she has used the profession of Physical Therapy to be that vehicle of hope, healing, education, and leadership. She truly is a hall of famer."  - Nomination submitted by Katie Brittain, PT, DPT, MBA

Hall of Fame Award – Errol J. Leblanc, PT

"Errol Leblanc was a graduate of the 1975 class of LSUMC physical therapy program. He began his solo private practice in 1975 immediately upon graduation, an unheard of accomplishment in those days.

Errol served on the LPTA Board of Directors for nearly two decades, most notably as Chairman of the Public Law Committee. As chairman of this committee, Errol learned the ways of the legislature and legislators under the tutelage of the legendary lobbyist Bud Mapes. He also served and gave tutelage to the current Secretary of State of the great state of LA, the Honorable Kyle Ardoin.
Under Errol's guidance and leadership, many legislative milestones were achieved:
  • LPTA was the first chapter to attempt to legislate the removal of the referral requirement for the initiation of physical therapy treatment.
  • LPTA was the first chapter to create and implement the anti-kickback and fee splitting prohibition in our practice act.
  • The current definition for the practice of physical therapy was rewritten under Errol's leadership.
  • Initial evaluation without a referral and initiation of physical therapy in the school systems without a referral were implemented. 
  • The creation of the LA Physical Therapy Board of Examiners was created by the legislature under Errol's leadership. 
  • One of the most infamous moments of his legislative attempts was "unrestricted direct access" in the mid 80's! So close and yet so far- nearly 30 years passed before the association was able to obtain direct access!
Terms such as "autonomous practice," "independent practice," and "practice without a referral" preceded the current terminology of "direct patient access," now more simply known as "direct access." Not a bad accomplishment considering the necessity of pay phones and telephone booths, beepers and fax machines. The LPTA Public Law Committee funded the purchase of the first fax machine for each of the district public law committee members for rapid communication during legislative sessions. Errol's leadership and commitment to the formative legislative activity of the LA Physical Therapy Association and the profession of physical therapy were unwavering... and will serve as a blueprint for others to follow."  - Nomination submitted by Oday Lavergne, Jr., PT

Friend of Physical Therapy Award – Pam Carey

"Pam Carey is the Program Coordinator of Louisiana GUMBO Inc. Mrs. Carey is a retired Certified Adapted PE teacher and is a Certified USA Track & Field Official. She travels almost weekly in spring and summer to officiate or classify at US Paralympics sanctioned track and field meets around the United States. She is highly sought after as being an excellent clerk (lining up races) for these meets. She has traveled with the National Youth Adapted Sports team to International competition as a Coach. She also teaches in the Adapted PE program at Northwestern State University. 

Mrs. Carey does a fantastic job of promoting adaptive sports in our state. She travels the state and does all she can to mentor therapists, adapted PE teachers, school administrators, people with disabilities, and family members about inclusion in adapted sports. All of this on top of holding down her “day job” of being an advocate through Families Helping Families. She has helped me begin and provide an adapted sports program for youth with disabilities in the Shreveport-Bossier area. She loans racing wheelchairs, field equipment, Boccia equipment, basketball wheelchairs, and a tennis wheelchair. She provides Paralympic Sports Clinics at least twice a year in our state to help expose those with physical & visual impairments to adapted sports. I have taken part in clinics that taught wheelchair basketball, Boccia, sit volleyball, track & field, power lifting, cycling, tennis, and swimming. Mrs. Carey has helped me, as a therapist, provide resources for students I serve (and adults in our state) to encourage a lifestyle of physical fitness beyond the therapy gym. She has helped many young people with disabilities become members of their high school track teams... and attends the LHSAA high school state meet each year to make sure all runs well for these adaptive athletes. I can’t describe what it does for these young people physically, emotionally, and socially.  Participation at its best.

Her mentorship has caused me to develop a passion for adapted sports. It put me on a path to becoming a medical classifier for US Paralympics—a role that has been nothing but joy and gives me a unique place to use my skills as a physical therapist. In 2018 and 2019 I was able to share at CSM in courses on youth adapted sports. Opportunities for adapted sports are growing rapidly across the US, and Mrs. Carey is a key influence in helping our patients access opportunities in Louisiana. She is well known across the US for her role as a leader in adapted sports.

I believe that Pam Carey is deserving of the Friend of Physical Therapy award."  
- Nomination submitted by Dianna Gates, PT, DPT

Friend of Physical Therapy Award – Dr. Thomas Diller

Nomination submitted by Amanda Brewer, PT, DPT

Legislator of the Year Award – Rep. Larry Bagley

"Representative Larry Bagley represents District 7 in North Louisiana encompassing Stonewall, LA. He was elected in 2015. He is the Chair of the Health and Welfare Committee.

Rep. Bagley’s background is in the Insurance industry. He owns an Allstate Insurance Agency. His background and friendly demeanor has helped us significantly at the capitol. He understands administrative burdens that are placed on health care providers and is always willing to include physical therapists. 

Rep. Bagley was a supporter of ours during Direct Access. In addition, when we needed assistance to help get payers to cover telehealth, he was willing to assist us in our campaign. He truly is a friend and ally to our profession."  
- Nomination submitted by Cristina Faucheux, PT, DPT

Dave Pariser Student Service Award – Raven S. Lyons, SPT

"It is an honor to be nominated by Professor Amelia Leonardi for such a prestigious award. First and foremost, I want to thank the LPTA for providing students with the opportunity to be recognized for outstanding service within the community. We are all called by God to serve others, but not everyone accepts the challenge. It takes a special person to be diligent in dedicating his or her time to help someone else. At Ursuline Academy New Orleans, my alma mater, our mission was Serviam, which in Latin means, “I will serve.” It was then, in high school, that I accepted a lifelong commitment to service. I carried this principle with me to the University of Mobile, and while there my basketball team and I travelled to various elementary schools and taught physical education classes. We emphasized the importance of taking care of their bodies and living healthy lifestyles. Once I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Performance & Exercise Science I found that my purpose was to give back, and via healthcare was the way to do so. In 2016, I became a physical therapy technician at Rehab Access Physical Therapy in Gretna, Louisiana where I completely fell in love with how invigorating someone else’s recovery made me feel. The patient interactions and the rapport that I was able to build is what truly captured me. While there we treated a large number of veterans, and that’s what prompted my volunteering at the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System/Hospital. It was an experience of a lifetime, and I have stories that continue to fuel my passion for the profession today.

Those stories compelled and inspired me to make even more of an impact, so I applied to Delgado‘s Physical Therapist Assistant program, and was accepted on my first try. Soon after, I became the LPTA representative and President of the class because my classmates saw that advocacy was important to me, and they believed that I was capable of being an exceptional leader. Along with the help of my professors, I’ve led the efforts in our participation in various charities and events including: a campus wide food drive to benefit Delgado’s Single Stop Program which connects students with much needed resources to help keep them in school, a kickball tournament presented by the LSUHSC DPT department for the Marquette Challenge which benefits PT research, and last but not least, a couple of us volunteered to be a part of the medical team for the annual Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. As the LPTA Representative, I’ve participated in the Bi-annual Board meeting in Fall 2019, attended the New Orleans District meeting at our Delgado City Park campus, volunteered to be a key contact to our Louisiana House of Representatives, and I am a part of the APTA’s grassroots PT team.

In addition to being involved in school activities, I am also involved in my community association. The Woodmere Civic Association, in Harvey, LA, is a group of constituents who partner with local law-enforcement, government organizations, and elected officials to keep our neighborhood safe and thriving. I believe in being the change that I want to see, so I decided to run for office, and was elected unopposed to the Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee. The committee allows me to have a voice in issues around the state, but most importantly it allows me to have firsthand insight into establishing infrastructure that will address the issues to help those in need. My multifaceted approach to serving the society is how I will touch the lives of many not only within my community, but within the entire state of Louisiana. To have a foot in both the clinical and political doors will allow me to provide exceptional healthcare within my scope, while also having direct input into the policies that may affect my profession. My goal is to be a public servant on both ends of the spectrum."  
- Raven S. Lyons, SPT; Nominated by Amelia Leonardi, PT

Dave Pariser Student Service Award – Cody Migliore, SPT

"My name is Cody Migliore, and I am currently a third-year student physical therapist at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) in New Orleans. First of all, I would like to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to apply for the 2020 Dave Pariser Student Service Award. After reading about Dave Pariser’s life and career, I am honored to have been nominated for this award, as he seems to have truly exemplified the meaning of serving his family, his students, and his profession.

In 2017, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Louisiana State University Baton Rouge with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a minor in Business Administration. During my four years at Louisiana State University, I maintained a 3.80 grade point average (GPA) while sustaining membership in the Ogden Honors College. Additionally, while at LSU, I received the Tiger Excellence Scholar Award, participated in the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students, and was selected for the Dean’s List (maintaining GPA of 3.5 or greater for a semester) four times and the President’s List two times (maintaining GPA of 4.0 for a semester). Upon graduation, the Ogden Honors College awarded me with Upper Division Honors Distinction for the completion and successful defense of my Honors Thesis, titled “Comparison of the Kinematics and Muscle Responses During Obstacle Avoidance in People with Stroke” under Dr. Michael MacLellan. After graduation, I was accepted into LSUHSC New Orleans and have proudly been a part of their Physical Therapy program for the past three years.

Currently, I hold a 4.00 GPA within the program and expect to graduate this upcoming May as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Additionally, throughout my years in graduate school, I have served as President of the Class of 2020 and participated on the Executive Board. As president, I have served as Co-Chair on the Student Physical Therapy Association at LSUHSC, which coordinates and organizes events throughout the year, allocates funds for participation in LPTA and APTA conferences and meetings, and represents the students in the LSU Physical Therapy program. Representation of my fellow students includes the job of serving as a liaison between the students and faculty by attending faculty meetings, and bringing any questions or concerns from students to these meetings.

This past year, the Student Physical Therapy Association was able to raise over $3,000, a new record, to donate to the McLindon Family Foundation for the construction of an adaptive bike to present to a child in need. Over months of communication and collaboration with the McLindon Family Foundation, I was able to coordinate the attendance of the majority of our LSU Physical Therapy department at the bike delivery at the Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center, which was truly an amazing experience to witness.

In addition to fundraising this past year, another project that I organized in coordination with Dr. Jane Eason, the Physical Therapy Department Head at LSUHSC New Orleans, included the renewal, revising, and amending of the bylaws for the Student Physical Therapy Association. Prior to this past year, the Student Physical Therapy Association bylaws were outdated, and the procedures instilled at its commencement were no longer being adhered to. With the assistance of Dr. Eason, we were able to amend and renew bylaws on membership requirements, executive board positions and roles, procedures of elections, budget and allocation of funds, and the process for students to receive reimbursements for conference attendance. With the completion of this process, I believe that we have provided concrete methods for students to execute these procedures.

During my time at LSUHSC New Orleans, I have experienced four clinical internships that have allowed me to grow as a student and future clinician in different ways. From May to July 2018, I had the opportunity to perform my first clinical internship at Crescent City Orthopedics, an outpatient orthopedic clinic, with Scott McLaughlin, DPT, who introduced me to the clinical side of physical therapy and rehabilitation. During this eight-week internship, I was able evaluate, treat, and create plans of care for patients with musculoskeletal diagnoses for the first time as a student physical therapist. The next summer, I underwent my second clinical internship of ten weeks at Lakeview Regional Medical Center, an outpatient neurological, orthopedic, and pediatric clinic, with Brandy Parker, MPT. During this internship, I was faced with the challenge of evaluating and treating complex neurological diagnoses, such as Cerebral Palsy and Rett’s Syndrome, which was difficult yet rewarding. In the fall of 2019, I began my third clinical internship at University Medical Center in the acute hospital setting, where I had two clinical instructors of five weeks each, Paige Mayeux, DPT, and Elizabeth Countiss, DPT. Throughout this internship, I was able to evaluate and treat a wide variety of critical care patients with a variety of different diagnoses, ranging from traumatic brain injury to post-operative knee replacements to post-operative coronary artery bypass grafts. At the beginning of this year, I started my fourth and final clinical internship of ten weeks at Tulane Physical Therapy PT Solutions, an outpatient orthopedic clinic, with Matt Powers, DPT, OCS. This internship allowed me to further advance my clinical decision making and plan of care formulation of patients with musculoskeletal diagnoses to ensure that I am prepared to officially begin my career as a physical therapist this year.

In the past three years, I have participated as a student member of both the Louisiana Physical Therapy Association (LPTA) and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Throughout these years, I have attended meetings to keep up to date with news within our profession and to truly serve as an active member of our organization, including Combined Sections Meeting in 2018, LPTA fall meetings (2017, 2019), and LPTA fall district meetings (2017, 2019). Additionally, I believe that I have been relatively active within my community in the past couple years. Since 2017, I have served as a “buddy” during multiple Miracle League baseball games, including those games on the Physical Therapy Day of Service. Another community activity that I have participated in since 2017 consists of donating meals to families in need through a Thanksgiving Drive that my graduating class of 2013 in high school formed. In the past few years, a group of ten of my classmates including myself has been able to buy, pack, and deliver these meals to over five families; and we plan to continue and grow this process in the upcoming years.

Once again, thank you all for this opportunity."  - Cody Migliore, SPT; Nominated by Jane Eason, PT, PhD

Dave Warner Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2020 Claire M. Kantrow, PT, DPT
2019 Danielle Morris, PT, DPT, PCS
2018 Kathryn Brittain, PT, DPT, MBA, CLT
2017 Karl L. Kleinpeter, PT, DPT
2016 Al Moreau III, PT, MPT
2015  Jane Eason
2014 Cristina Faucheux
2013 Billy Naquin
2012 Joseph Shine, Jr.
2011 Rick Coogler
2010 Beth Ward
2009 Amelia Leonardi
2008 Älice Quaid
2007 Kinta LeBlanc
Greg LeBlanc
2006 Bob Rowe
2005 Francis Guglielmo
2004 Mary Denney
2003 Judith Halverson
David Qualls
2002 Mike Sheffield
2001 Dave Pariser
2000 Pat Adams
1999 Sharon Dunn
1998 Oday Lavergne
1997 Virginia Davis
1996 Gail Pearce
1995 Paul Hildreth
1994 Susan Grawe
1993 Errol LeBlanc
1992 Becky Lege’
1991 Joe McCulloch

PTA Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2019 Victoria McDowell, PTA, BS
2018 Aaron Kelly, PTA
2017 Danny P. Landry, PTA
2016 Christopher Janssen, PTA
2015 Jason Oliver
2013 Jeannine Decker
2012 Jason Ledet
2011 Scott Brunet
2010 Jerry Allgood
2009 Jason Oliver
2008 Lisa George
2007 Kerry Sicomo
2006 LaJuan Collins

Friend of Physical Therapy Recipients

Year Recipient
2020 Pam Carey 
Dr. Thomas Diller
2019  Whitney Martinez, CPC
2017 McLindon Family Foundation
2016 Dr. Meredith Warner
Dr. Mark Milligan
2015 Judd Patterson
2014 Vinod Dasa, MD
2013 Dr. Robert Rush
2012 Dr. Brett Cascio
2011 Jim Patterson
2010 Elizabeth Thornton
2009 Glenn Ducote
2008 David Tatman
2007 Kim Bueche Hardman
Joe Ferrer and Dana Louviere, Bio-Med of Louisiana
2006 Chuck Davoli
2005 Karen Winfrey
2004 Metro Medical, Inc.
2003 Publink, LLC
Deveney Communication
Melissa Hodgson
Sydnie Mae Durand
2002 Kyle Ardoin
2001 Alison Young
2000 Mike Tomino
1999 Bland O’Connor
1998 Barbara Haynes
1997 Tom Schedler
1996 Stanley Abadie, Ph.D.
1995 R. Luke Bordelon, M.D.
1994 Judy Albarado
1993 Ivory Crockett
1992 Bud Mapes
1991 Tim Stine

Hall of Fame Recipients

Year Recipient
2020 Freddie Ann Chandler, PT
Errol J. Leblanc, PT
2019 Oday Lavergne, Jr, PT
Joseph McCulloch, PT, PhD, FAPTA, CWS
2018 David Qualls, PT
Ronald Driggs, PT
2017 Joseph P. Nicolosi, PT
Mike Scheffield, PT
2016 Mary Denney, PT
Doris Aubry, PT
Wayne "Rusty Eckel, PT
2015 Becky Lege'
2014 Gini Davis
2013 Eugene Noel and Max McLeod
2012 Patricia Adams
2011 Gail Pearce
2010 Edwin "Bubba" Porche
2009 Francis Guglielmo
2008 Elizabeth Weiss
2007 Expadie Laperouse, Jr.
2006 Dave Pariser
2005 Don Zesch
2003 Paulette Murrell
2002 Dowell Fontenot
Lucy Mell Platt
2001 Tina Foundas
2000 Ken Barrilleaux
1995 George Hampton
1995 Peter Cline
1994 Dave Warner
Lola Smith
Bob Oswald
Jack Burke

Legislator of the Year Recipients

Year Recipient
2020 Representative Larry Bagley
2019 Representative Dustin Miller
2018 Senator Barrow Peacock
2017 Representative Joseph A. Stagni
2016 Senator Fred H. Mills, Jr.
2015 Bernard Lebas
2014 Fred Mills
2013 Terry Brown
2012 Herbert Dixon
2010 Jack Montoucet
2009 Richard Burford
2008 Daniel Martiny
2007 Sherri Cheek
2006 Joe Salter
2005 Karen Carter
2004 Joe Salter
2003 Don Hines, MD
Lydia Jackson
Bill Jones
Jerry Thomas, MD
Yvonne Welch
2002 Ronald Bean
2001 Tom Schedler, M.D.
1999 James McCrery
1997 Michael Robichaux
1993 Donald Cravins

Dave Pariser Student Service Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2020 Raven Lyons
Cody Migliore
2019  Allison Ostendorf
2018  Bridget Connick
2017  Rebecca Troulliet
2016  Stephanie Guasco
2015 Mary Beth Foreman
2014 Brandon Page
2013 Katie Peaslee