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LPTA Awards & Honors

Call for Award Nominations: Submit Nominations by Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Nominations are being solicited to honor deserving persons who have made special contributions to the Physical Therapy profession in Louisiana.

Awards will be presented at the 2019 Fall Meeting.

Click here to view details on submission requirements.


LPTA Hall of Fame Award

  • Who's Eligible: Retired or currently out‐of‐state Physical Therapists who have made lasting significant contributions to the profession
  • Elected by the LPTA Board of Directors

Dave Warner Distinguished Service Award

  • Who's Eligible: Active Louisiana Physical Therapists
  • Selection made by the LPTA Executive Committee
  • Specific recent contributions for the benefit of the profession or to society on behalf of the profession will both merit consideration

Friend of Physical Therapy Award

  • Who's Eligible: Non‐PT’s
  • Selection made by the LPTA Executive Committee
  • Specific recent contributions for the benefit of the profession or to society on behalf of the profession will both merit consideration

PTA Distinguished Service Award

  • Who's Eligible: Physical Therapist Assistants who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in clinical practice, community service and personal commitment to physical therapy
  • Decided by an Awards Committee appointed by the LPTA President

Legislator of the Year Award

  • Who's Eligible: Louisiana state legislators
  • Selection made by the LPTA Executive Committee

If you know of a person who deserves consideration for one of these awards, please submit a nomination containing as much of the information called for in the applicable nomination format that you can obtain.

Send to: LPTA, 8550 United Plaza Boulevard, Suite 1001, Baton Rouge, LA 70809, or by fax to (225) 408‐4422 or by email to

Dave Warner Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2018 Kathryn Brittain, PT, DPT, MBA, CLT
2017 Karl L. Kleinpeter, PT, DPT
2016 Al Moreau III, PT, MPT
2015  Jane Eason
2014 Cristina Faucheux
2013 Billy Naquin
2012 Joseph Shine, Jr.
2011 Rick Coogler
2010 Beth Ward
2009 Amelia Leonardi
2008 Älice Quaid
2007 Kinta LeBlanc
Greg LeBlanc
2006 Bob Rowe
2005 Francis Guglielmo
2004 Mary Denney
2003 Judith Halverson
David Qualls
2002 Mike Sheffield
2001 Dave Pariser
2000 Pat Adams
1999 Sharon Dunn
1998 Oday Lavergne
1997 Virginia Davis
1996 Gail Pearce
1995 Paul Hildreth
1994 Susan Grawe
1993 Errol LeBlanc
1992 Becky Lege’
1991 Joe McCulloch

PTA Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2018 Aaron Kelly, PTA
2017 Danny P. Landry, PTA
2016 Christopher Janssen, PTA
2015 Jason Oliver
2013 Jeannine Decker
2012 Jason Ledet
2011 Scott Brunet
2010 Jerry Allgood
2009 Jason Oliver
2008 Lisa George
2007 Kerry Sicomo
2006 LaJuan Collins

Friend of Physical Therapy Recipients

Year Recipient
2017 McLindon Family Foundation
2016 Dr. Meredith Warner
Dr. Mark Milligan
2015 Judd Patterson
2014 Vinod Dasa, MD
2013 Dr. Robert Rush
2012 Dr. Brett Cascio
2011 Jim Patterson
2010 Elizabeth Thornton
2009 Glenn Ducote
2008 David Tatman
2007 Kim Bueche Hardman
Joe Ferrer and Dana Louviere, Bio-Med of Louisiana
2006 Chuck Davoli
2005 Karen Winfrey
2004 Metro Medical, Inc.
2003 Publink, LLC
Deveney Communication
Melissa Hodgson
Sydnie Mae Durand
2002 Kyle Ardoin
2001 Alison Young
2000 Mike Tomino
1999 Bland O’Connor
1998 Barbara Haynes
1997 Tom Schedler
1996 Stanley Abadie, Ph.D.
1995 R. Luke Bordelon, M.D.
1994 Judy Albarado
1993 Ivory Crockett
1992 Bud Mapes
1991 Tim Stine

Hall of Fame Recipients

Year Recipient
2018 David Qualls, PT
Ronald Driggs, PT
2017 Joseph P. Nicolosi, PT
Mike Scheffield, PT
2016 Mary Denney, PT
Doris Aubry, PT
Wayne "Rusty Eckel, PT
2015 Becky Lege'
2014 Gini Davis
2013 Eugene Noel and Max McLeod
2012 Patricia Adams
2011 Gail Pearce
2010 Edwin "Bubba" Porche
2009 Francis Guglielmo
2008 Elizabeth Weiss
2007 Expadie Laperouse, Jr.
2006 Dave Pariser
2005 Don Zesch
2003 Paulette Murrell
2002 Dowell Fontenot
Lucy Mell Platt
2001 Tina Foundas
2000 Ken Barrilleaux
1995 George Hampton
1995 Peter Cline
1994 Dave Warner
Lola Smith
Bob Oswald
Jack Burke

Legislator of the Year Recipients

Year Recipient
2018 Senator Barrow Peacock
2017 Representative Joseph A. Stagni
2016 Senator Fred H. Mills, Jr.
2015 Bernard Lebas
2014 Fred Mills
2013 Terry Brown
2012 Herbert Dixon
2010 Jack Montoucet
2009 Richard Burford
2008 Daniel Martiny
2007 Sherri Cheek
2006 Joe Salter
2005 Karen Carter
2004 Joe Salter
2003 Don Hines, MD
Lydia Jackson
Bill Jones
Jerry Thomas, MD
Yvonne Welch
2002 Ronald Bean
2001 Tom Schedler, M.D.
1999 James McCrery
1997 Michael Robichaux
1993 Donald Cravins

Dave Pariser Student Service Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2019  Allison Ostendorf
2018  Bridget Connick
2017  Rebecca Troulliet
2016  Stephanie Guasco
2015 Mary Beth Foreman
2014 Brandon Page
2013 Katie Peaslee