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Caroline Denison-Delegate

My name is Caroline Denison. I am currently an outpatient pediatric physical therapist at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital where we serve children of all ages and ability levels. Recently I was nominated and elected as the Membership Chairman for the LPTA where I am striving to increase membership retention among our newer graduates. My initial interest in national delegation began when I was elected to serve as the student delegate for the state of Louisiana at the 2016 House of Delegates. Seeing the unity, passion, and representation of each state at the national level made me proud to be apart of such a unified and progressive organization. This inspired me to accept the nomination to run for the Delegate position. If elected, I look forward to representing the state of Louisiana on important issues and delegation within the APTA. My role as delegate is to be an honest representation of you, my colleagues, as well as the patients of Louisiana that we serve. I will strive to put our profession first and to continue to keep the patient at the center of all that we do. I hope you genuinely consider electing me as your new Delegate and look forward to meeting each of you in the future. Thank you for your consideration. 

Jane Eason-Delegate

Thank you for allowing me to serve as a delegate for the last three years.  I am honored for the nomination to run for another term as delegate.

It has been an honor for me to represent Louisiana at the House of Delegates and I would like to continue by service.  With the completion of this term, I have served as a delegate for 5 years and I am thankful that members of the LPTA have had the confidence in me to serve in the House of Delegates.  It has been a privilege to be part of the discussions in the House that shape our profession.

The learning curve as a delegate is steep and having spent 5 years in the House has provided me with some institutional knowledge about the House and its processes.  My service as a delegate provides some continuity as well as institutional knowledge so that I can be effective in the role of delegate.  Furthermore, as an educator, I bring a different perspective that complements experiences of other delegates from the Louisiana.

I appreciate the honor to have served as a delegate for the past 5 years and I ask for your support to continue to represent you at the APTA House of Delegates for the next 3 years.  Thank you!

Rich Baudry-Delegate 

Serving the past two years as a delegate and an alternate delegate has been truly eye- opening.  The amount of work required to steer our association is incredible, and the commitment of those doing the work is awesome. These individuals believe wholeheartedly in the value of physical therapy and are willing to work to ensure  our profession realizes the vision (Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience). Following the lead of our APTA President Sharon Dunn, we should work together to build a stronger profession.

With 25 years as a physical therapist, 18 years in an ownership role, and three years serving on state and federal legislative advocacy committees, I have had many valuable experiences which have prepared me to make an impact as a delegate. Serving as delegate has helped me see how our association operates and how it propels us towards the future. Now more than ever, physical therapy is poised  to grow, and our APTA is diligently ensuring it does.

I’d like your vote to serve as a Louisiana delegate this year. My strengths lie in the ability to foresee trends in healthcare, adapt to the changes, and find innovative ways to deliver our services. We need to continue to embrace the change. Our services are valuable and have  great influence on the health of our communities. PT’s and PTA’s change lives every day. The world needs to know the positive impact we have on people. I’d like to help. I ask for your vote for LPTA delegate.

David Qualls-Chief Delegate 

My name is David Qualls and I would be honored to continue to serve as your LPTA Chief Delegate.  I ask for your vote.

There are several reasons why I wish to continue to serve:

  1. APTA, including the House of Delegates (HOD), is at a turning point in its history.  During the 2019 session of the HOD, we will continue consolidating, amending and rescinding House policies, positions and guidelines to bring our documents current with todays practice and our Associations goals.  I also feel that over the next few years, the HOD will begin to consider different methods of governance.  Is the HOD still the most effective and cost efficient way of governance, will be the question.  I want to be a part of this process.

  2. In 2020, the HOD will undergo a bylaws revision.  Having history in the HOD, I can assist not only our Louisiana delegation but also other delegates in this process.

  3. I feel I can still be effective in leading the Louisiana delegation as well as giving a historical perspective on issues that affect the practice of physical therapy.  Practice is changing. Many times policy and governance change is necessary, also.  However, the old way still needs to be expressed.  That option needs to be available.

  4. The possibility that Sharon Dunn will be re-elected as APTA President looks good. From a selfish stand point, I would enjoy serving as LPTA Chief Delegate while President Dunn serves another term. I would love to lead the Louisiana delegation as we help champion President Dunn’s goals.

  5. I would enjoy serving as LPTA Chief Delegate during APTA’s Centennial planning process, which is coming soon.

  6. I love Seersucker Tuesday and Louisiana is noted for moving this fun time forward during the HOD.  I want to continue to grow the Seersucker SIG.

  7. I love to serve.  It is my hobby. No, it is my life.  I welcome the opportunity to continue to serve you.

I ask that you give me your vote!

David Qualls PT

Cristina Faucheux-Governmental Affairs Chair
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Thank you for allowing me to serve as the LPTA Governmental Affairs Chair.  I am absolutely honored to represent such a wonderful profession at the capital.  Although this position can be challenging at times, the position has given me a great deal of respect for the legislative process and I continue to learn during each legislative session. 

Over the last several years, I have had the opportunity to cultivate relationships with legislators. This is important because relationship building helps us keep a strong presence at the capital. I find it very rewarding to hear legislators talk positively about their  experiences with physical therapy and their PT/ PTA friends in their districts.

The most memorable moment in this position is easily recognized as when we successfully passed the Direct Access Bill.   This is certainly a moment that I will always cherish!  I am thrilled that I could help orchestrate this under my term; however, this could not have accomplished without the help of many and countless visits to the capital.   Not only was passing the bill a significant memory, but the opportunity to work alongside of you and being in the trenches was extremely energizing! 

If chosen to continue as your LPTA Governmental Affairs Chair, I will continue to advocate for our patients and advance the physical therapy profession while keeping the best interest of the entire membership in mind.  I will not compromise the integrity of the LPTA and will be respectful of the relationships and reputation we have worked hard to build. Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy.

Victoria McDowell-PTA Caucus Representative

I am honored to accept the nomination for PTA Caucus Representative. First, I’d like to thank the other members of the LPTA board for teaching me so much over the last couple years, and to the membership for having faith in my ability to serve as the PTA Caucus Representative. Through my time as Rep I have gained a new appreciation for serving our profession. During that time, I learned much about what this organization does for its membership. I learned that a single voice, can have a profound impact. I enjoyed representing the interests of my PTA peers and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to represent the interests of my colleagues for another term. I  have a great passion for our profession and I am dedicated to serving the profession and improving the future for seasoned and new professionals alike. The time I have spent serving as PTA Caucus Rep has allowed me to work with some amazing mentors and given me invaluable learning opportunities. I plan to take this wealth of knowledge I have gained and continue to represent Louisiana’s PTAs and the PT/PTA team well. Being involved with the LPTA as a member of the Board is an exciting and challenging endeavor but but I have found that the work I have done with the LPTA/APTA has been so important and has also enhanced my career immensely. If re-elected I plan to continue to do my part in moving our association and profession forward. I would like to continue to work as your PTA Caucus Representative and I would appreciate your vote at our Fall meeting.