Welcome to the Louisiana Physical Therapy Association, the professional association of physical therapists (PT), physical therapist assistants (PTA), and PT and PTA students in Louisiana. The LPTA is a component of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) www.apta.org.

Mission Statement

The Louisiana Physical Therapy Association exists to optimize the health and quality of life of people in Louisiana by advancing the profession of physical therapy.

Vision Statement

The Louisiana Physical Therapy Association envisions a future where physical therapists are:

  • Doctors of physical therapy, with physical therapist assistants as the preferred extenders of skilled care.
  • Recognized as the experts in the diagnosis of, interventions for, and prevention of conditions that affect movement, function and health.
  • Accessed directly by consumers.
  • Appropriately compensated.

Strategic Objectives

Professional Development

The LPTA will empower physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to demonstrate high standards of professionalism and intellectual excellence.

Goal Champion: Claire
  1. The LPTA will model and promote key values and behaviors that embrace professionalism.
    • The LPTA will propose a professional dress code for LPTA Board members for continuing education and business meetings.
    • Include a disclaimer “Business attire encouraged” in the meeting registration packet.
    • Visit PT and PTA programs in the state to present on the components of professional dress and behavior.
  2. The LPTA will provide sufficient educational opportunities to meet the needs of students, clinicians, and society.
    • The LPTA will host spring and fall meetings that promote innovative and evidence-based practice and meet the licensure needs in the state.
    • The LPTA will investigate appropriate educational programs for the physical therapist assistant.
    • The LPTA will investigate the feasibility of hosting an additional annual meeting consisting of a lab course.
  3. The LPTA will provide opportunities for new professionals and students to find mentors within their community.
    • The LPTA website will establish a point of contact for people interested in being a mentor or mentee.
    • Investigate feasibility/interest in hosting a meet and greet at LPTA event for interested mentors and mentees.
  4. The LPTA will promote progression of career development by encouraging members to gain specializations and certifications.


Physical therapists will be recognized as autonomous providers of health care to the people of Louisiana, and will be proactive and effective in the legislative process.

Goal Champion: Cristina
  1. Actively promote PT PAC to achieve a 25% increase in donations.
  2. Host legislative awareness event every year.
  3. Monitor bills introduced in legislature each session.
  4. Create a new “legislative buddy” key contact list for linking each legislative member of key Senate and House committees with a member; revise annually prior to start of legislative session.
  5. Communicate effectively with LPTA members during session and throughout the year.
  6. Pursue legislation in 2013 session that achieves autonomous practice of physical therapy in Louisiana.


The LPTA will aggressively pursue appropriate payment.

Goal Champion: Katie
  1. Host payment forum once every two years.
  2. Have representation on worker compensation committee.
  3. Develop an effective line of communication with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Louisiana.
  4. Survey membership regarding their perspective of appropriate payment.
  5. Develop an effective line of communication with key legislative members (Health and Welfare).
  6. Ensure timely communications to members about pertinent payment changes.


The LPTA will instill a sense of ownership in the profession through increased awareness of the value of membership.

Goal Champion: Beth and Jake
  1. LPTA to increase representation at House of Delegates by one delegate through increased membership.
  2. Student membership will reach 100% in Reach 100 program.
  3. Membership chair to target New Professionals and increase involvement.
  4. Clearly define PTA’s role within the Association to increase membership.
  5. Update LPTA’s website regularly, to include a video promoting membership and educating about LPTA’s role, and add a PTA tab.
  6. Aggressively encourage employers to at least partially fund membership.

Public Awareness

The public will recognize physical therapists as the practitioners of choice for optimizing movement, function, health and wellness.

Goal Champion: Kinta and Amelia
  1. Each LPTA district will participate in at least one community based public relations event per year.
  2. Each district will market at least one of its district meetings in a local media outlet.
  3. Better utilize existing APTA consumer-focused materials at the state level.
  4. Investigate and pursue avenues for marketing the benefits of physical therapy (public radio, social media outlets) and fund accordingly.